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    • 07 Nov 2022
    • 6:00 AM
    • 11 Dec 2022
    • 11:59 PM
    • No location - application only

    Bursary Application

    Applicants will be notified of their application status w/c 19 December, 2022. 

    Little Event 2023

    Thursday 19th January, 3:00pm-6:30pm & 
    Saturday 21st January, 9:00am-1:15pm

    Online via Zoom*  

    The bursary covers your registration fees for the Little Event, BIG membership for one year and reasonable expenses associated with you attending the Little Event. It is open to anyone in the first five years of their professional career and have not attended the Little Event or any other of BIG's events before. 

    To apply for a place at the Little Event through the bursary, please complete this form by clicking on 'register' to the left of this text. 

    If it's easier for you to prepare your responses before completing the form, you can download the guidelines (Little Event Bursary Application guidelines 2023.pdf) to prepare your answers ahead of completing the online application. 

    Deadline: 11:59pm, Sunday 11th December, 2022 - sorry, late applications will not be considered.

     If you are successful with your bursary application and have already booked and paid for your conference place, BIG will refund your registration costs and refund your membership fee or extend your membership by 1 year. 

    Expenses will be issued on receipt of a completed expenses form after the Little Event. However, talk to us if this process would put you under unnecessary financial stress, and we can make other arrangements with you.

    *Each Zoom session will have automated Closed Captions. 

    Any questions? Contact Ashley Kent 

    • 19 Jan 2023
    • 3:00 PM
    • 21 Jan 2023
    • 1:15 PM
    • Zoom

    The Little Event Session 1: Thursday 19th January, 3:00 - 6:30pm; & Session 2: Saturday 21st January, 9:00am - 1:15pm Both sessions are GMT (London) time

    Online via Zoom (this is a LIVE event and NOT pre-recorded)

    The Little Event is BIG’s training session for people who are new to STEM communication, whether you work in a science centre or museum, volunteer for a festival, are involved in university outreach, or do anything else to engage people with science, technology, engineering and maths. The Little Event is crammed with introductory sessions focusing on developing the different skills that are useful in STEM communication; they are delivered by experienced science communicators following BIG's usual hands-on approach.
    The 2023 Little Event will be online and hosted live over two days. The days are designed to work together and are booked as a package (i.e. not sold separately) and delivered LIVE. They are NOT pre-recorded sessions. 

    But of course, it isn't just about the sessions, it’s the people you will meet, too. The Little Event also presents a great opportunity to meet people from across the UK working in similar roles and sharing similar experiences. The 2023 programme includes sessions on Evaluation, Managing Projects, Presenting, Science Capital and Careers and will include plenty of networking time as well as short comfort breaks. 

    2023 Schedule:

    Day 1 - Thursday, 19 January
    2:45-3pm: arrival and registration for a prompt 3pm start
    3-6:30pm: 2 sessions (Science Capitol and Presenting Science), 3 networking opportunities and breaks

    Day 2 - Saturday, 21 January
    8:45-9am: arrival and registration for a prompt 9am start
    9am- 1:15pm: 3 sessions (Managing Projects, Evaluation and Careers), 2 networking opportunities and breaks

    2023 Programme:

    Setting the Scene - Kirsty Hayward, Chair of BIG

    Introducing everybody to everybody, plan for the day and a whistle-stop tour of STEM engagement.

    Managing Projects - Hana Ayoob, Freelance Science Communicator and Illustrator

    From small events and projects like short videos and table top interactives to podcast series and festivals, managing a project is just as important as creating its content.

    Presenting Science- Jemma Naumann, Science Communicator and Presenter
    You know the science but how can you make it accessible to others? A chance to develop your presenting skills.

    Evaluation - Jamie Gallagher, Engagement Consultant
    This session will explore the science behind the survey giving you the skills you need to plan the perfect evaluation without a social science degree in qualitative analysis.

    Science Capital  - Emily Fisk, Centre Manager for Science Oxford
    Science Capital provides a social justice teaching approach to STEM Engagement. Understand more and see examples in practice. 

    Careers - Hana Ayoob, Jamie Gallagher, Emily Fisk, Jemma Naumann and others. 
    Some career options, where to look for jobs, and what skills are desirable. Hear from the panel and ask your questions, too.

    BIG members: cost £50 login as a member first to be able to register for the Member rate. To login as a Member, use the email address you used to join BIG. If you can't remember what this is, please email

    Non-members: cost is £85 and includes BIG Membership for 1 year. 

    • 31 Jan 2023
    • 10:15 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Neuron Pod, Centre of the Cell, 4 Newark St, London E1 2AT
    • 44


    Neuron Pod, Centre of the Cell, London

    Neuron Pod, Centre of the Cell, London

    Would you like to work with young people to curate and deliver science learning content? We are offering a skills day focused on meaningful engagement with young people.

    Tuesday, 31st January, 2023
    10:15am - 4:00pm
    £55 for BIG Members; £90 for non-Members
    (coffee and registration from 09:45am, lunch and refreshments are included)

    Centre of the Cell, 4 Newark St, London E1 2AT

    What will happen at this Skills Day? 

    This Skills Day will be most useful for early career practitioners who want to engage more authentically and equitably with young people. We will be exploring practical examples from Centre of the Cell and how you can put this into practice in your setting.

    The day will cover: 

    • STEM Teens: A research project exploring how under-represented youth engage with STEM.
    • Practical examples of engaging with young people from Centre of the Cell youth programmes.
    • How to put some of this into practice in your own organisation.

    Your Trainers

    Centre of the Cell deliver educational shows, experiences, and youth engagement events to primary and secondary school-age children, focusing on biology and human health. Since 2009, Centre of the Cell has reached over 220,000 young people and their families and teachers at their home in Whitechapel, and at outreach visits and events across south-east England.

    Centre of the Cell have two unique learning spaces embedded within the Blizard Institute: their award-winning digital interactive STEM Pod launched in September 2009; and Neuron Pod, a dedicated learning space used to deliver onsite workshops and shows. Their work is delivered by a team of professional science communicators and medical and dental student ‘Explainers’, alongside Queen Mary STEM Ambassadors, and youth volunteers.

    In addition to the in-house team of Explainers, this session will also feature a keynote from Dr Adam Rutland, PhD, Professor of Developmental Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Exeter.


    £55 for BIG members. This cost includes lunch and refreshments. 

    £90 for Non-members. This cost includes a BIG Membership (£35), lunch and refreshments. 

    More about Centre of the Cell

    Centre of the Cell is an informal biomedical science education centre and outreach project located in Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets. It is the first science education centre in the world to be located within medical research laboratories, part of Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London.

    Centre of the Cell seek to have a positive impact on the educational, career and health choices of the children, young people and families they work with.

    They are supported by funders and science education partners to ensure shows and experiences are of the highest quality and are accessible to all, including Wellcome, Barts Charity, Drapers’ Company, Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation, and many others.

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