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Science Busking

One way of honing your skills as a science communicator is to do some Science Busking! There is a definite skill in engaging and catching the attention of an audience, explaining science simply and inspiring people to want to know more...all in a matter of minutes, and possibly with very little equipment. It is a great way to get started with science communication and get yourself noticed.

Science Buskers can often be found at Science Festivals and increasingly at other types of festivals too.


If you fancy yourself as a science communicator but have yet to take the plunge, this may be the opportunity for you! FameLab is an exciting competition to find the new voices of science and engineering. Over the past five years FameLab has been running in the UK in partnership with NESTA, and internationally in partnership with the British Council.

Some ideas to get you started can be found on our Science Busking Tips page or at Science Made Simple.

And of course there is always the Science Buskers Festival if you are really keen!

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