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BIG is run by a committee of volunteers appointed at each AGM in July. Any BIG member can apply for a position on the Executive Committee. For more information find out how to volunteer.

BIG Exec 2022-23



Kirsty Hayward
Claudia Antolini
Helen Obee Reardon
Success4All                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Royal Holloway
University of London

Cardiff University 


                                Claudia Antolini is an astrophysicist, globetrotter, and all around geek about all things scienceClaudia is a fun and passionate science communicator that aims to make physics relatable and approachable for everyone and encourage people to think of themselves as scientists, especially people that have traditionally been made to feel like science isn’t “for them”. Claudia is now an established public engagement professional in the UK scene, having worked for science centres, learned societies and universities. She is also a well recognised advocate for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the STEM fields.

I've been involved in many engagement and science communication projects for over fifteen years: my experience includes working with schools, colleges and universities; communities of place and interest; local authorities; academics; policy makers; industry; and memorably the Austrian Ambassador.

After initially studying Environmental Pollution Science, in 2006 I was awarded a scholarship by Science Shops Wales to study MSc Communicating Science. The following year I taught part of the course and then joined The Works:Ebbw Vale, the biggest regeneration project in Wales, a former steelworks site was undergoing a multiuse regeneration: I maintained and developed links between communities of place and interest with the programme. I then moved to First Campus, raising aspirations in the STEM subjects within schools with a high proportion of pupils from deprived backgrounds. I’m now at Cardiff University and in the Impact sector, supporting researchers to realise the benefits of their research beyond academia.



                     General Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Emily Fisk
                        Sam Ridgeway                            

Science Oxford

Freelance Development

AP in TV


I am currently working for The Oxford Trust as the Science Oxford Centre Manager, where I coordinate and deliver school and family visits to our Centre. Prior to this, I was a Science Communicator and Events Coordinator at Cambridge Science Centre.

My PhD was conducted as part of the Florey Institute for Host-Pathogen Interactions, at the University of Sheffield. The project considered the importance of metabolism in host-pathogen interactions, specifically between macrophages and the pneumococcal pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.

I also obtained my MBiolSci from the University of Sheffield. During the third year of study, I carried out a 12-week project, teaching primary school students about microbiology, whilst in the fourth year, I gained research experience as an Undergraduate Student Researcher.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing badminton, volunteering for and organising events, and baking.



Ellie Horner  Claire Price                                             
The Francis Crick Institute Swansea University
Other people

We also enlist the help of freelancers to run our activities and manage BIG.

Membership Services

Event Coordinator

Helen Nightingale  Ashley Kent

The Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings and our annual AGM can be found in our Members' Area.

If you are interested in joining the BIG Executive Committee, find out what is involved and how to volunteer.

What is in it for you?

"Having been a BIG member for a long time and gained a lot from the networking opportunities I was keen to stand on the exec committee to give something back to the organisation. I acted as a General Officer, Vice-Chair and Chair and always enjoyed the experience. 

Working with colleagues to produce a programme of events and hearing the insights of others was personally and professionally rewarding. Clients are impressed that I know and have worked with so many people and have a good understanding of the challenges and delights of working in science communication. 

Commitment to the exec was never too onerous and I’d encourage others to get involved. Make BIG work even harder to do what you want it to do by being part of the team running it!"

- James Piercy, science made simple

"I think that being in any organisation is more fun if you get properly involved. Being on the Exec made me feel much more part of the organisation and gave me some influence too. And as you might imagine from BIG, Exec meetings are fairly relaxed affairs!"

- Ben Craven, previous General Officer and Secretary

"It’s enjoyable and rewarding to get more involved if you can. Meetings, with likeminded people, are largely a pleasure to look forward to and responsibilities are shared very evenly, with exemplary support from our professional staff. I’ve loved playing my small part in keeping BIG thriving, and increasing my involvement in the BIG Event has only enabled me to make more friends, have more fun, and connect with minds more creative than my own!”

- Bridget Holligan, Science Oxford, Former Vice-Chair and Chair

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