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Who is the Little Event for?

The Little Event is relevant people who are new to (STEM) communication whether you work in a science centre or museum, volunteer for a festival, are involved in university outreach, or do anything else to engage people with science, technology, engineering and maths. Around 40 people usually come along, keeping our event small and friendly.

"The sessions covered a broad range of topics. The organisers were very friendly and approachable and I appreciated the fact that we were given plenty of time to network and chat to people about their experiences- this was really valuable to me." - Delegate, Little Event

What goes on there?

The day is crammed with introductory sessions focusing on developing the different skills that are useful in STEM communication; they are delivered by experienced science communicators following BIG's usual hands-on approach.

You might be familiar with some aspects of the day, while other sessions will be completely new to you. The goal is to introduce as many different aspects of STEM communication as possible, so you can get a feel for what you like and what skills to further develop. The day isn't a masterclass, it's an introduction to topics relevant to STEM communication which will be useful to people new to the field. 

But of course, it isn't just about the sessions, it’s the people you meet there, too. The Little Event presents a great opportunity to meet people from across the UK working in similar roles and sharing similar experiences. The programme for the day might include sessions on Audiences, Presenting, Event Management and Careers.

"I enjoyed the numerous opportunities to talk to others throughout the day, which was facilitated by the many group tasks and discussions. There was also ample opportunity in the breaks between sessions and those leading the course created a friendly environment in which everyone was comfortable talking to each other." - Delegate, Little Event

Who comes?

Some of our previous delegates have come from the British Science Association,
Centre for Life Newcastle, Imperial College LondonRoyal Society, SenseSci, Noisy Toys and University of Birmingham.

Some of our previous knowledgeable and experienced speakers have represented science made simple, Science Oxford, Wellcome Trust and the Institute of Physics.

Can I afford it?

BIG is a not-for-profit organisation so we try and keep event fees affordable. A bursary to attend is available. Applications open in November/December. This is open to people who have not been to one of our events before.

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