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DElEGATE TERMS & Conditions


1. By registering for one of BIG’s events, you are agreeing that as a delegate you are responsible for:

Your own health and well-being

  • Managing your own medical conditions, allergies and dietary requirements and taking appropriate medication.
  • Informing BIG’s Event Co-ordinator of any medical conditions, allergies or dietary requirements that are appropriate to the event you are attending. (or venue, catering if required)
  • Informing BIG if you do not want to be included in photos or videos commissioned by BIG that might be used for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Behaving sensibly, responsibly and respectfully at all times and during all activities.
  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment provided for specific activities.
  • Not knowingly endangering the lives of yourself or those around you.
  • Not behaving or actively doing anything illegal or anti-social.
  • Imbibing alcohol sensibly.
  • Paying attention to and complying with Health & Safety notices given during an event.
Your own possessions and arrangements
  • For your own personal possessions, equipment and luggage. Leaving them unsupervised at any point is at your own risk.
  • Anything related to your travel to and from, within and between venues, even when the cost of transport is booked or paid for by BIG.
  • Anything related to your accommodation, even if booked or paid for by BIG.
  • The safety of any possessions or equipment you bring with you e.g. electrical equipment. 
Other people
  • Any guests or under 18s accompanying you.
  • Behaving appropriately and delivering only appropriate content when interacting with a public audience that may be present.
  • Ensuring that your words and behaviour do not affect the mental health and well-being of other people, e.g. bullying behaviour.
  • Avoiding the use of inappropriate images and language towards other people.
  • Taking and using photography/videography respectfully and appropriately, with permission where required, including respecting any "No photo" systems put in place by the Event organisers.
  • Respecting decisions made and following instructions given by BIG’s Executive Committee and Conveners.
  • Reporting to the Exec or Event organiser if you are concerned about the safety or appropriateness of another delegate's demo or activity.

2.     In addition to the above Terms & Conditions (see Section 1), if you are a delegate also bringing an activity (e.g. as a Best Demo Competitor, a Session Leader or more informally) you are also responsible for:

Health and Safety

  • Carrying out and providing Risk Assessments for your activities. These should be sent to BIG’s Event Co-ordinator if appropriate.
  • Informing BIG’s Event Co-ordinator, the venue or your delegated Convener (with as much notice as possible) if you require any specific arrangements for your activity or there are changes to your Risk Assessment. e.g. room requirements, fire-alarm deactivation, delegate number limits.
  • The safety, security and transport of your equipment.
  • Giving warnings at the start of your activity if it could adversely affect someone’s health or well-being, e.g. medical conditions or allergies.
  • Ensuring the space provided for your activity is safe and appropriate. You have the right to cancel your activity if you feel it will be unsafe to proceed.
  • Ensuring your content is appropriate for the audience, especially if members of the general public will be present. This includes objects to be handled and/or taken away by the audience. Seek advice from BIG’s Event Co-ordinator if you are unsure.

Session Leaders:

  • Communicating with your Convener in advance of your session as they may have information to impart to you.
  • Please contact BIG's Event Co-ordinator with as much notice as possible if you have to cancel, will be late or need to change your session in any way.
  • Ensuring appropriate PPE is available if your session requires it. Talk to BIG's Event Co-ordinator if you need to arrange this with the venue.

Best Demo Competitors:

  • Communicating with the Compere/H&S/BIG's Event Co-ordinator well in advance of the competition and complying with all reasonable requests made by them. 

3. BIG does not take responsibility for:

  • Sessions not delivered as advertised.
  • Unavoidable programme and session changes.
  • Any consequences resulting from the items mentioned in Section 1 that delegates are responsible for.
  • Any bullying, racism or discrimination taking place at one of BIG’s events. We do not condone this behaviour and actively discourage it.
  • Failure of a delegate to eat or drink, even if circumstances have caused the event to have inappropriate food for the individual.
  • Any photos or videos taken by individual delegates at an event run by BIG, or how they are used.
  • Any posts on social media that are not made under BIG’s name.
  • Any incidents that happen outside of the event venues.
  • Any costs or provision of travel and accommodation, or food not specifically included in the delegate fee.
  • BIG has the final say on room limits or programme changes.

Read BIG's Cancellation and Refund policy

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