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2020 DRAFT BIG Event programme:

BIG event 2020

Cardiff University Main Building - Credit Cardiff University

Cardiff 22-24 July 2020 

From Scotland’s capital city in 2019 to Wales’ capital in 2020 – the BIG Event is coming to Cardiff!

Cardiff is a city with a very long tradition of songs, rugby and a vibrant Sci-Comm community. Cardiff University (one of our venues) is right in the heart of the civic centre and has a beautiful parkland, an historic castle, a world-class museum and Victorian arcades all within a 5 min walk. Cardiff is compact (much like the BIG Event), culture-packed and ready for the most hotly anticipated conference on any STEM communicator’s calendar.

The University’s main building has modern lecture theatres, labs and various meeting spaces available to host the melting pot of creative ideas that make up the BIG Event. And if all the outstanding interaction becomes too much, you can always take a little walk down the corridor in Sherlock’s mind palace and play spot the Dr Who location. Plus, we guarantee the sun will be shining.*

*There just might be clouds in the way... Joking aside, Cardiff actually has more hours of sunshine a year than the UK national average.

P.S. We’ve even reserved ensuite rooms in the student halls for those wanting cost-effective and extremely convenient B&B accommodation. Details to follow soon.

What is the BIG Event? 

The BIG Event is a three day get-together every summer to share skills and experiences, develop professional links and keep up-to-date with the STEM engagement field. This is the place to hone your skills and recharge your professional batteries, pick up great ideas and show off your talents to peers.

It provides an unmissable opportunity to squeeze the skills and ideas out of all the STEM engagement people you can in a short space of time. It’s like power juice for STEM communicators.

The content for the BIG Event is created by the members. And the people who say they get the most out of it are the people who contribute the content.
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Your registration to the BIG Event entitles you to a free 12-month membership to BIG, with all its benefits. Your membership pack will be given to you when you check into the conference.

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