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CALL FOR SESSION PROPOSALS - ARE CLOSED NOW. You will be notified of your session proposal status by 28 February. 

If you have a session idea for BIG Event 2020, the deadline for submitting your ideas is Thursday, 6th February.

Submit your idea here: 

If you have a session proposal you’d like to submit, you can pop your ideas on the BIG Event session proposals site (you'll need to register for the site; tip: this isn't the same registration as when you log into the BIG website).

The content for the BIG Event is created by the members. And the people who say they get the most out of it are the people who contribute the content. 

So now is your chance to fling your session ideas into the ring. Once we have a ring-full we flirt the programme together, put people together who might like to work together, and ask a few people to do something a bit different. Your session ideas can be put forward until 6th February. 

Bring a show, a workshop, something needing tweaking, something you think is fab; bring your skills in evaluating, managing, developing, presenting, fettling; bring your planetarium, your STEM tap-routine, your busks, your iPad session. But whatever you do, make it hands-on, make it collaborative, make it a truly sharing contribution. BIG members really don’t like to be spouted at – we like to have a go at a thing so bring the thing, not a picture of the thing or a talk about the thing.

The highlight of the STEM communicator’s annual calendar will see our conference held at Cardiff University from 22-24 July 2020.  

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